Chief Stewards Page

DAS Local 125 Standards for Stewards

1.   All situations where a need for a steward arises will be reported to the Chief Steward.
a. Stewards will keep the Chief Steward updated on the situation.
2.  The Chief Steward will assign stewards to situations when and where steward
representation is required.
a. If a Member or Steward feels that a different Steward may handle the        situation better, they may contact the Chief Steward for steward reassignment.
3.  The Chief Steward will be available by phone between the hours of 5 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week and by email 24/7. In the event the Chief Steward is not available, the next in line is Jeni De Jesús, our Vice President/Steward. Jeni is available M-F 8 am- 5 pm by phone and 24/7 by email. If the Chief Steward is on vacation, then the VP is available 8am -7pm by phone 7 days a week.
4.   Stewards are responsible for notifying the Chief Steward when they will not be available due to vacation, furlough days or absences from work such as Jury Duty.
5.   Stewards can provide representation on paid time, if the meeting is scheduled after your work hours, you can contact your manager to flex your hours. Should there be a problem with your manager, contact the Chief Steward immediately.
6.  Stewards are required at the monthly membership meeting. Pre-excused absences will be accepted. Failure to attend or notify the DAS Local 125 Leadership prior to the meeting can lead to suspension and if chronically absent – dismissal as a steward. Our members deserve to have our presence, our support, and stewards that take that responsibility seriously.
7.   All Stewards will provide updated phone number for both work and home, home address (if  you have no email address), or updated home email and work email addresses.

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