President’s Message

Greetings from the desk of Sandi Kalin, SEIU 503/125

The past 18 months have been very busy. Upon taking office I discovered we had some urgent work that needed to be done. We needed to balance our budget, update our bylaws, rewrite our standard operating procedures and take on several complex grievances. While it has taken time to reorganize and build our team, the results have been excellent. Our officers and Chief Steward have most issues ironed out, our stewards are informed and able to handle investigations and grievances, and we have built a great relationship with the Director’s Office and Labor Relations.

Our local is small, but important. We help shape the direction for Union and Management relations across the state. Our team is vital in making sure we have a voice in policy decisions that support a quality work environment. I encourage you all to get involved, attend worksite meetings and general membership meetings. Get to know us, so we can know and understand your needs.

Looking forward, we hope to get lots of prospective candidates to fill our officer and steward vacancies. We will also need general council delegates, this position requires a commitment to attending General Council in August, but it is time well spent. Our election information is posted on the website along with the nomination forms. I hope you all find a way to be involved, like most things in life, you will get out of our local far more than you put into it; the key is to get take those first steps and get involved.

In Unity,

Sandi Kalin, President
DAS Local 125

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